Inspiring film making

I am always looking for online videos that are amazing unique and creative. Susie found these over the weekend and they are both just awe inspiring. These videos didn’t take a a huge budget but  the investment was in time. Dream big. The story [youtube wOv_o0OpnpY] [youtube 518XP8prwZo]

Thinking about Microsoft Surface

I have been thinking about the Microsoft Surface and how this device might be used in our library. I have not come to any conclusions but here are a couple of links that I hope will help me. Check out IL2009 session on Microsoft Surface Delft Library [vimeo 5643953]

Learning Locally at your Library: Twitter Lessons

Here is the Twitter lesson outline that Melissa and I have created as part of the “Jobs, Dreams and You” series. It covers the basics you would need to know to start using Twitter as a job finding tool. Let me know what you think. Lesson 1 Twitter is one of those social networking tools …

Sustaining Learning 2.0 into the future

I remember thinking after we completed our Leaning 2.0 program here at ACPL “Wow, that was great! What are we going to do next?” I don’t know if it was the effort it took to get this program running or if I was just at a creative low point, but I couldn’t think of a …

Luck, talent and work.

Working in the IT field there is the assumption that you should know everything. The truth is as technology grows faster and faster I know less and less. I know I will eventually will reach a point of not having a clue about anything. I do have a level of technical expertise and talent and …