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Leaders need to understand how others listen before they speak

How are people listening to you? People hear things differently, understanding how they listen is as important as the message. Carl Jung defines listeners into for categories. Thinking types: Those who are listening for the idea. Intuitive types: Those who are listening for the vision. Sensate types: Those who are listening for the plan. Feeling …

What kind of leader are you?

(The Berlin Wall was here) My friend Michael Stephens took this photo. It was a reminder that great leaders identify and remove obstacles rather than build them. Are you building walls or opening new pathways for your patrons and staff?

Inspiring film making

I am always looking for online videos that are amazing unique and creative. Susie found these over the weekend and they are both just awe inspiring. These videos didn’t take a a huge budget but  the investment was in time. Dream big. The story [youtube wOv_o0OpnpY] [youtube 518XP8prwZo]

Thinking about Microsoft Surface

I have been thinking about the Microsoft Surface and how this device might be used in our library. I have not come to any conclusions but here are a couple of links that I hope will help me. Check out IL2009 session on Microsoft Surface Delft Library [vimeo 5643953]

Learning Locally at your Library: Twitter Lessons

Here is the Twitter lesson outline that Melissa and I have created as part of the “Jobs, Dreams and You” series. It covers the basics you would need to know to start using Twitter as a job finding tool. Let me know what you think. Lesson 1 Twitter is one of those social networking tools …

Sustaining Learning 2.0 into the future

I remember thinking after we completed our Leaning 2.0 program here at ACPL “Wow, that was great! What are we going to do next?” I don’t know if it was the effort it took to get this program running or if I was just at a creative low point, but I couldn’t think of a …

Luck, talent and work.

Working in the IT field there is the assumption that you should know everything. The truth is as technology grows faster and faster I know less and less. I know I will eventually will reach a point of not having a clue about anything. I do have a level of technical expertise and talent and …

Lita Unconference in Dublin, OH. Uncool!

Yesterday I was so excited to see that LITA was having a LITA Camp May 7-9 2009 on the OCLC campus in Dublin, Ohio. It is only is a 2 an a half hour drive. Toady I discovered that they were charging $150 for LITA members and $210 for ALA members and $290 for non-ALA …