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The Snark: My personal thoughts on snarky behavior.

I was recently at an event and everyone at the table was introducing themselves for the first time and everything was going well until someone introduced themselves and followed the introduction up with the statement that they were “snarky”. They said it as a point of pride. Hello I am so and so and I …

Joy not Fear

Libraries are closing, budgets are shrinking and the shadow of e-books looms like a terrifying Godzilla on the not to distance horizon threaten to destroy any library that stands in its way. What is a library to do? Hunker down and wait until the storm passes or shake your fist at the heavens. How about …

Unconference @ ALA 2010

This year’s ALA Unconference will be on June 25th 9 am – 4:30 pm, 2010 in 207A at Washington Convention Center. ALA Unconference 2010 Wiki It will be limited to 100 participants and registration opens May 24, 2010 at 10 am EST. Register here Unconference Registration The format this year is themed around the number …

Things that are worth saving.

There are certain environments that we cherish and preserve such as national parks and beaches. We value and fight for our personal freedom. We hold on to our culture and what makes us unique. These are all important to us, but what about the environment of the mind. How hard do we fight for libraries? …

Transformation, how does it happen?

It doesn’t matter want you are trying to transform, the start of the process is exactly the same. 1. Stop what you are doing. 2. Understand and accept that this process has ended. 3. Insight: Take time to look back and understand what has ended and why.

Creativity, where does it come from?

[slideshare id=3328154&doc=creativebeast-100303124049-phpapp02] What does creativity do? 1. Solves problems 2. Generates new ideas 3. Gives new perspectives Thinking without action is not creativity. If you want your staff to innovate and grow then nurture creativity.

Leaders need to understand how others listen before they speak

How are people listening to you? People hear things differently, understanding how they listen is as important as the message. Carl Jung defines listeners into for categories. Thinking types: Those who are listening for the idea. Intuitive types: Those who are listening for the vision. Sensate types: Those who are listening for the plan. Feeling …

What kind of leader are you?

(The Berlin Wall was here) My friend Michael Stephens took this photo. It was a reminder that great leaders identify and remove obstacles rather than build them. Are you building walls or opening new pathways for your patrons and staff?