Time capsule at Monticello

August 4, 2019

Dear Reader,

Since you have survived the zombie apocalypse, I want to congratulate you on your survival skills. The substance you are reading this letter on is called “paper”, and it was made from plants that we once called ‘trees”. You may not have seen either before in your lifetime, and I agree that this is a very primitive tool for communication – to scratch markings onto a semi-porous surface, but it is what we humans have been doing for millennia.

I am writing this letter to you on a device called a laptop. It is a computer that can be carried with you and has an application for writing called “Word”. Since you are most probably neurologically connected to the Internet this will probably seem antiquated.

On behalf of humanity, I need to apologize for some things. Cheez Whiz, I do not know what we were thinking when we thought we could put cheese in a can. It was invented when space travel was new and exciting and we thought we could put anything in a canister. I also want say I am sorry for creating democracy and dangling the false hope that we as a species could self-govern. I am sure you are enjoying the riches and bounty of being ruled by an all-knowing supreme leader.

I am sure the joys of living in the future do have some downsides, as I imagine that flying cars, teleportation and travelling faster than the speed of light can grow tiresome.

I think the past and the future are closer than you can imagine. Learn from the past, it is your best teacher. If I have any insight to share it is that family and stories are the heart of what it means to be human, and they are the pulse of a public library. No matter what changes may occur in the external world, it is the life you share with others that give it meaning (I know that you are all living until you are 200 years old now).

My wish for you is that you create your own amazing story and that you hold in wonder the stories of others.


Sean Casserley

County Librarian