Strategic Planning Update

Today, (7/20/2018), the Administrative Team is meeting with KU Public Management staff to continue to work through the community engagement report and dig deeper into the results. This morning’s goal is to write mini vision statements for each of the area of focus (Education, Community Building, Convenience, Operations and Communication). You might notice that we have added two new areas of focus, Operations and Communication. These areas were added because the report told us they were needed.

A mini vision statement adds definition and clarity to the terms by narrowing the definition, ensuring that when we are talking about Education it is in the context of JCL’s strategic plan.

We are continuing to discuss and prioritize the administrative goals (goals set by the administrative team). This work is ongoing and I will lay out the next steps.

Once we finish writing and prioritizing the mini vision statements and administrative goals, the administrative team will bring them to the All Managers meeting for review and discussion.

It is my goal to be inclusive and transparent as we create the strategic plan together. I want hear the thoughts and opinions of All Managers. I will be asking them to check the work of the Administrative Team and to look for anything we might have missed.

I want to know if the organizational goals are clearly articulated and precise. The role of All Managers is to act as a sounding board and to give feedback. The responsibility of the Administrative Team is to lead the organization forward and to set the administrative goals.

So what is your role in the process? How do you help set the goals and direction for JCL? How do you bring your knowledge and expertise into the process?

The next step is yours. You and your manager will be working to set and prioritize your departmental goals. Here is where you can think about the work your department will be doing over the next five years. We are pivoting from looking back and capturing the work we completed to looking ahead and planning the work we will be doing together. I imagine that many of the goals you will be capturing will reflect the work you are presently doing. The couriers will still have the goal of delivering material to all our locations in a timely and efficient manner, and we will still be providing early literacy programs.

Your work planning, prioritizing and goal setting will help shape the services we provide. You are the subject matter experts and I depend on you to make wise and innovative strategic decision for your areas of responsibility. I believe this approach provides leadership opportunities for everyone across the organization and that you can find a way to see the work that you do in our strategic plan.

Sometimes this means continuing to do your present strategic work, other times it is about innovation and providing new services to meet our patrons changing needs.

I am proud of the work that everyone is doing. We are opening a new library at Monticello. You have worked so hard to make this building a reality. I would like to share that the people I have toured through the building love it. Together we are building the library of the future.