Mini vision statements and JCL’s strategic plan

Last week the Administrative team shared the strategic goals and mini vision statements with the All Managers team. This week we are reviewing their feedback and processing the information. There was a lot of energy around the idea of changing the organizational goal of Education to Learning, and this will be one of the topics we will discuss.

At the next All Managers meeting, the KU Public Management Center will be stepping the All Managers team through the beginning process of developing departmental goals.

The strategic plan is on schedule to be delivered to the Library Board in November. The goal is to create two documents. The first document is outward facing and will share the high-level strategic vision and goals with the Library Board and the community. The second document is for internal use, and will be an implementation plan for the strategic plan. The first version of the internal document will also outline the Administrative Team’s goals and tactics and the second version will include all departments’ goals and tactics.

We are also looking at new ways that we can make this work visible in your departments. Our thoughts so far are to create two posters. One that displays the organizational goals, and a second that captures the department’s goals. The reason for the posters is so you can see how your daily work connects to the strategic plan. The other reason is that studies show that if you make your goals and intentions visible you increase the likelihood of achieving those goals. I would be interested in your thoughts and if you have alternative suggestions for making the strategic plan visible in your areas.

The Administrative Team has also been meeting and reviewing the 2020 budget. This might seem strange as we have just finished the 2019 budget, but that is how the cycle goes. We need to review it with the Library Board’s Budget Committee in September, October and November. The Capital Improvement and Replacement plan presentation will occur in the early part of 2019 to the Capital Improvement and Replacement Committee.

Ben Sunds, recently shared the new library card designs, he recommend that we use the three remaining 6 by 6 images. We now have library cards that that include all the six by six characters. We talked about adding two additional alternative designs and I have given the ok for Ben to reach out to a designer to provide some options for the Administrative Team to consider.

Thursday evening, the Board of County Commissioners listened to public comments concerning the proposed 2019 budget. The Administrative Team attended this meeting at the County Offices. There is a proposal to lower JCL’s budget by 0.015 that, in real dollars, is about $155,000.00. Since property values have risen in Johnson County we are still slightly above the projected 5% growth and this small reduction will have no effect on the Capital Library Master Plan. The Library Board and I presented a budget that proposed no cuts, and while we can use every dollar, the reduction is small. This is a policy decision and we are committed to continue to provide exemplary public library services to our patrons.

This Sunday, we will be opening the Monticello location. Yesterday I spent the morning talking with the Kansas City Star. This building is a reflection of the community that we serve and their ideas and needs drove the design of the building. I want to end this post by thanking everyone again for all the hard work to make this project possible.