A post about what we do at our monthly all managers meeting

I thought I would share this post that I created for our internal blog. It outlines the work that their managers do at their monthly meeting.

What happens at the All Managers Meeting


The saying “What happens in the All Managers meeting stays in the All Managers meeting” is not true. I thought you might like to know that we are working on. The purpose of the All Managers meeting is for the managers to develop and operationalize their Crucial Conversation and Leadership Empowers All People (LEAP)  skills. Operationalize is just a fancy way of saying that we want these skills and management philosophies to part of our everyday work culture.

The desired outcome from these meetings is to work less as a group of individuals and more as a management team and to think of ourselves in those terms. Loree, our new Customer Experience Manager, put is so well when she said “Less departments more patron” This is just the  mindset of putting the needs of the team first.

In order to help achieve this new mindset the cabinet and I had a long discussion about who needed to be at the meeting. We wanted to have the right people and the right structure. The more we talked about this issue and what we wanted to achieve, the more we realized that we needed to invite staff who manage a service to attend these meetings.

The meetings are three hours in length, and the time is divided into distinct sections. The first half hour is time that I have to share with the managers about what is going on in the system. It is also a chance for them to ask me or the cabinet any questions. The next hour is set aside for soft skill development. I have attached a PowerPoint presentation that shows all the soft skills your managers will be working on in the next twelve months. The remaining hour and a half is set aside for team work. Your managers self-selected into one of these four areas.



Each of these teams selected a cabinet member to be their advocate and support for the projects. Some of these initiatives came from you at our morning breakfast meetings, and others are projects we have wanted to tackle as a system but haven’t’ created the time for the work to be done.

I hope by sharing this information I have created a little more transparency and provided a little insight into the work that occurs at these monthly meetings.


Quote that I am pondering this week. “It’s not because things are difficult that we dare not venture. It’s because we dare not venture that they are difficult.” —SENECA, ROMAN PHILOSOPHER, MID-FIRST CENTURY AD