Not a Fan

Not a Fan

I was once a fan of a company called “Nocast”. They provided cable, Internet and phone services and I loved them for about 20 years. I was a fan. Now I have moved to a new house and another company, let’s call it “Zontier”, offered me a great no-contract deal so I thought I would give this new company a try and I knew that if I didn’t like their service I could always go back to my friend “Nocast”. I called “Nocast” to switch my service and was transferred to their customer retention service. Expecting the same friendly and helpful service that I had received in the past I was confronted with monotone indifference and a mountain of rudeness that I am sure must have broken some record somewhere. Thinking this was a one off deal, I called back the next day and got the same treatment. OK, maybe there is something going on in the local office. I tried the web and had the strangest chat session imaginable, very similar to the “Hello I am Peggy” ad on TV. If you don’t know what I am talking about, check out

Customer service is the business of helping one customer at a time. Valuing their loyalty and respecting them. A customer service and retention department should not cause you to angrily stomp around your new house cursing their stupidity and ineptitude. It should not cause you to bend on one knee and point your finger to the sky and make a solemn vow never, ever, ever to do business with this company again. It should not cause you to write a blog post warning my friends and family about doing business with them.

Libraries are all about service to our patrons and the community and making positive connections one patron at a time.


How did I find out about the deal “Zontier” was offering? They were twittering about it and actually my wife found it.


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