Unconference @ ALA 2010

This year’s ALA Unconference will be on June 25th 9 am – 4:30 pm, 2010 in 207A at Washington Convention Center.

ALA Unconference 2010 Wiki

It will be limited to 100 participants and registration opens May 24, 2010 at 10 am EST.

Register here

Unconference Registration

The format this year is themed around the number “9”. “9” is a homophone for long-lasting in Chinese and it is the hope that the friends and connections you make on this day will be long-lasting.

The format this year is a little different. Michelle and I wanted to try something new that would challenge everyone and encourage participation. I know that after lunch my energy is a little low, so to combat this we have added three debates. You pick the topics and teams.

There will be six teams in total. Each team will have three members and they will face another team and present their point of view. The first 2 speakers from each team get 2 minutes to make their point with last speakers from each team getting one minute.

The next new thing we want to add is the Fishbowl (conversation). Wikipedia has a   wonderful definition of how this works.

Fishbowl Discussion

Think a little before you come, about debate and fishbowl topics.

I look forward to seeing you at #unala10!

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