Monthly Archives: March 2010

Creativity, where does it come from?

What does creativity do?

1. Solves problems

2. Generates new ideas

3. Gives new perspectives

Thinking without action is not creativity. If you want your staff to innovate and grow then nurture creativity.

Leaders need to understand how others listen before they speak


How are people listening to you?

People hear things differently, understanding how they listen is as important as the message. Carl Jung defines listeners into for categories.

Thinking types: Those who are listening for the idea.

Intuitive types: Those who are listening for the vision.

Sensate types: Those who are listening for the plan.

Feeling types: Those who are listening for the part they will play.

You as a leader are probably one of these and have no problem communicating to people of similar type, but what about the other 75%. Are they hearing your message?

What kind of leader are you?


(The Berlin Wall was here)

My friend Michael Stephens took this photo. It was a reminder that great leaders identify and remove obstacles rather than build them. Are you building walls or opening new pathways for your patrons and staff?