Things I learnt from Obama today

I am always on the look out for solutions to reoccurring problems. In a recent Time magazine Obama was asked if he ever got angry at his staff. His reply was that guilt was a far more effective tool than anger. Expressing disappointment seems a far less destructive emotion than anger and it is probably a more accurate emotional response. The answer was given in a joking response, but is it probably something to ponder. If you work in the IT field you accept a certain amount of criticism and second guessing from your coworkers. I have always grappled with how to respond. The options have always been a lengthy explanation of how the decision was reached or assuming a defensive posture and explaining it from that position. Neither of these seems to be a good approach. My new Obama inspired answer is this “If you have a better idea I would love to hear it” In the IT realm we have always had this unwritten rule that the best technical solutions will be implemented. I love this response because it engages the person asking the question in a way that requires them to be part of the solution and sends a clear message that we live in the world of ideas and that we are interested in ideas that solve problems.

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