Sirsi/Sopac Part 16 Item types

Today I am looking at item types. Things such as books, magazines etc… and having the ability to search on these types. John has abstracted these out in the locum.ini file and you are going to have to go in and make some changes. Below is what I did. I have commented out John’s code because the III system has a different way of identifying items. I have written another webservice call and this takes a cat_key and returns the item type. I have followed John’s lead and grouped the item types with search descriptors below in the next section. This means when I do a search for book I am really searching item types books, largeprint and  book boards. You get the idea.

Part of the locum.ini file

; This is where you provide a list of key-to-value pairs for material codes so,
; for insteance, if the material code for books is “a”, you would do:
; a = “Books”
; Do one-per-line.  Codes ARE case sensitive.
;1                                                      = “Book”
;2                                                      = “Reference”
;3                                                      = “Magazine”
;4                                                      = “VHS”
;5                                                      = “Book on Tape”
;6                                                      = “CD”
;9                                                      = “CDROM”
;a                                                      = “Express Book”
;b                                                      = “Book on CD”
;c                                                      = “Leappad Game”
;d                                                      = “DVD”
;g                                                      = “Book in a Bag”
;h                                                      = “Computer Equipment”
;k                                                      = “Read-along Tape”
;m                                                      = “Playaway”
;n                                                      = “Newspaper”
;x                                                      = “Audio Download”

; This is where you provide a list of key to value pairs for material codes
; I have cumstomized this for our Sirsi/Dynix system
BOOK                                                    = “Book”
BK_ON_CD                                                = “Book on CD”
BK_ON_TAPE                                              = “Book on Tape”
BLDG_PLANS                                              = “Building Plan”
BOARD_BOOK                                              = “Board Book”
DVD_EDUCAT                                              = “DVD Education”
DVD_MOVIE                                               = “DVD Movie”
DVD_RMOVIE                                              = “DVD R Rated Movie”
EQUIP-21DY                                              = “21 Day Equipment”
EXPRESS                                                 = “Express Book”
ILL                                                     = “Interlibrary Loan”
LARGEPRINT                                              = “Large Print”
MAGAZINE                                                = “Magazine”
MEDIA_KIT                                               = “Media Kit”
MUSIC_CD                                                = “Music CD”
MUSIC_CASS                                              = “Music Cassette”
PTC                                                     = “Parent Teacher Kit”
PUZZL_GAME                                              = “Puzzle Games”
SCORE                                                   = “Score”
SOFTWARE                                                = “Software”
VGAME_7DAY                                              = “Video Games 7 days”
VERT_FILE                                               = “Vertical File”
VIDEO_GAME                                              = “Video Game”
VID_EDUCAT                                              = “Video Education”
VID_MOVIE                                               = “Video Movie”
VID_RMOVIE                                              = “Video R Movie”

; This section is used when searching by material types.  Often there is more than
; one material code for the same type of material.  Locum uses these options to
; scope a search for, say “books” to material code a, b, and c if a, b, and c
; are print/books
; in that case, the option would be, books = “a, b, c”
;everything                                     = “all”
;books                                          = “1, 2, a, g”
;movies                                                 = “4, d”
;music                                          = “6”
;audiobooks                                     = “5, b, k, m”
;periodicals                            = “3, n”
;software                                       = “9, c”
;electronics                            = “e”
everything                                      = “all”
books                                           = “BOOK, BOARD_BOOK, EXPRESS, LARGEPRINT”
movies                                          = “DVD_EDUCAT, DVD_MOVIE, DVD_RMOVIE, VID_MOVIE, VID_RMOVIE, VID_EDUCAT”
music                                           = “MUSIC_CD, MUSIC_CASS, SCORE”
audiobooks                                      = “BK_ON_CD, BK_ON_TAPE”
periodicals                                     = “MAGAZINE”
software                                        = “SOFTWARE, VIDEO_GAME”


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