Sirsi/SOPAC Part 12

Today I am working on the code for hold and copy counts. I needed to write a new webservice called It basically takes the catkey and returns all the item keys. I then go count those items that are available and on hold. You can see the results.

Counts for holds and copies

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  • Hi Sean,

    Just wanted to say thanks for keeping these blog posts going. The SOPAC installation stuff was especially nice as you ran into a couple of the same errors I did, and I actually downloaded your corrected PHP file for insurge-client.php.

    Anyways, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog (a lot of cool ideas), and wanted to touch base with some of the other people doing SOPAC development. I’m going to start updating the III Connector for release 2007, and may very well blog about that once we get our UNLV Library Tech blog fully set up.


  • Hi Brian,
    Thanks for the comment. I write these posts in a bit of a vacuum, so it is good to hear feedback and hear that they are helpful. Good luck with your project.


  • Hi Sean,
    I was wondering, if you had your notes for getting SOPAC to work with a SirsiD system, do you have an idea of how long it would take to get a basic site up and running? This is so valuable for others, like us, on Sirsi. Thank you for sharing.


  • Hi Laurie,
    It should just take a day or two. One of the issues is the size of your database and the time needed to export/import. My goal is to have an ISO image that you could download and cut to CD and then boot. It would automate the installation and provide all the needed components. If you were just to take the code that I have now then I think it might take a week worth of fiddling. The code is still very much alpha and there are bits that still don’t function correctly.

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