Internet Librarian video 2009

Last year Kay and I gave a presentation at the Internet Librarian (IL) conference in Monterey. Our goal was to give a presentation and to create a video all within 50 minutes. We managed to do this with the help of the audience. We wanted to create a video that promoted IL 2009 and captured the energy and excitement of the event. I had storyboarded the video and thought I had an idea of how it was going to go together. Once we came back from the conference and had time to look at the footage we needed to have a voice over segment created that would pull the images together. I wrote the first draft, but it didn’t work. So now we faced a bit of a dilemma. Should we stay with the original concept or rethink what we were doing. Ultimately, we decided to change the direction and I guess this happens sometimes in post production. I then sat down and rewrote the voice over and we took a second look at the images we had captured. We thought we would try and take a humorous approach and combine the elements of a Tractor Pull, a Gun and Knife show and Professional Wrestling. This is the result and I hope you enjoy it. I want to thank Erik Mollberg for the outstanding voice over work.

I also want to thank the Internet Librarian Conference and Jane Dysart for giving Kay and I this opportunity. This is a wonderful conference with talented, innovative speakers. I would recommend it to anyone that is wanting to hear and share new ideas.

[vimeo 2744819 Link]

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