Do you really want to create world class library website?

If you want to improve you library’s website look at what the leaders in the field are doing. Here is a list of websites that I believe are leaders. created Belmont Abbey College

avenue-a razorfish created NYTimes CNN US News and World Report

3rd Edge Communications created ORBIS International

HelloDesign created Wilshire Boulevard

UnifiedField created Brooklyn Public Library’s introduction to entrepreneurship

See what you think and add your own.

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  • I love the Wilshire Boulevard page. I’ve been thinking about creating a dynamic timeline map for the Las Vegas Strip linked with our special and digital collections relating to each casino. That’s a great example to learn from.

    NYTimes is, overall, probably my favorite website. Amazing content, well laid out, encourages interaction through commenting for most stories, incredible diagrams/visualizations, and the more I explore the site the more it has to offer. I’m constantly amazed at the quality and depth of material.

    Some of my recent favs:

  • Hey, just a heads up (forgot to mention this in my first post), the link to avenue-a razorfish is a little broken.

  • Thanks, the link should be fixed.

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