LibraryThing and Sirsi/Dynix @ACPL Part V adding reviews

Today I added reviews to our catalog and these are steps. First I would just like to say thanks to librarything for making this product available and Sonya for her help getting this configured.

cd /s/sirsi/Unicorn/Webcat/Pages_deliv/Elib_revC

cp  4_module_hitlist.h ../../Pages_custom/Elib_revC

cd ../../Pages_custom/Elib_revC

vi 4_module_hitlist.h

I added the following code to the bottom of the file.

<script src=”″ type=”text/javascript”></script>

I then added

<div class=”ltfl_reviews”></div>

I placed this under the title, just do a search for biblio  and I placed the code after the </strong> tag on the title.

I then went and added reviews  to the detail screen and this is in the file viewtop.h. All you need to do is add

<div class=”ltfl_reviews”></div> and everything should work.



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