Innovation Part 3 – Curiosity overcomes fear

Fear paralyzes and puts us in a confused, stagnate, vegetative state. It is the battle cry of the unchanging “We can’t do this because this might happen” If you think about it it you have two options, it might happen or it might not. Action have consequences and you cannot protect yourself from the unknown because inaction also has consequences. By doing nothing you have made a choice and it may have far greater repercussions that actually doing something. There is no safe way to immunize yourself from change. Or is there? Curiosity has the ability to reduce fear and amplify innovation. It is the question of the young and young at heart “But why?” As children this is our external voice but as adults it needs to be internalized and the possibilities explored. A failure to do this leaves us in the landscape of our imaginations where we can conjure all sorts of reasons to do nothing. When reason leaves all that is left are the monsters.

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